Catamenia - Winternight Tragedies

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Mastervox Studios by Kakke Vhkuopus & Immu Ilmarinen

Produced by Kakke Vhkuopus, Immu Ilmarinen & Catamenia

Cover Artwork by Thomas Ewerhard
Band Photos by Immu Ilmarinen

All Music and Lyrics by Catamenia,
except "Fuel For Hatred" by Satyricon
and lyrics on "The Crystal Stream" by Stefan "The Dark One" Daniel

Clean Male Vocals by Kakke Vhkuopus
Female Vocals by Heidi Sainio

Release Date: April 25th, 2005 Massacre Records


O.J. Mustonen - Vocals
Riku Hopeakoski - Lead Guitar
Ari Nissil - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Veikko Jumisko - Drums
Tero Nevala - Keyboards
Mikko Hepo-oja - Bass


01 - The Heart of Darkness
02 - Verikansa
03 - Strength and Honor
04 - The Crystal Stream
05 - Kaamos Warrior
06 - My Blood Stained Path
07 - Perint Pohjolan
08 - Iced Over
09 - The Ancient
10 - Fuel For Hatred (Satyricon cover)

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