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1. The Heart of Darkness

Frost came and took your heart of darkness
You're lost, fear creeps in and let it start
Night cracks the spine of dying day
Fight but you can't make it go away

Fill your soul with ravenous fire
Kill the light and reborn for the light
End up times among the pathetic lies
Rise above the majestic life

Open mind for a newfound world
to be the part of our herd

Follow us, the heart of darkness
Follow us, no more mortal
Come with us, the heart of darkness
Follow us and you're free

Blind was the son who promised us the new kingdom
Died by our sins, but took away your freedom
The word was spread with inquisitions blades
Life for sale, they decided dying days

2. Verikansa

Sydntalven keskell, nuo miehet suuret
Taistelivat vain, kaikki nuo vuodet
Yhdes kohti kuolemaa ja kunniaa
Muistamme kaikki sen sanassa...Isnmaa

Huolimatta pakkasen ja tuiskeen
Aseisiin tarttuivat sotilaat urheet
Pelko, nlk, kylmyys ahdistaa
Tavoite tuo on yhteinen...Isnmaa

Verikansan maa, ylpee olla aina saan
Meidn sotilaat, toivat meille vapaan maan
Verikansan maa, muistamme tn ainiaan
Meidn urheat, nauttiamme saamme...vapautta

Ilman verta, kyynelii, ei arpee j
Ajat nuo karmeet sodan n
Kumarrun edess tn sankarin
haudan...huudoin voittajin...

3. Strength and Honor

All my life been stared
Oh, the misery and pain
Finally I've stood and dared
Like I'd been here to stay

This is for neverending
No more weak to come
This is for journey for free
No more feel, no numb

...Wondering...near to me
...See in...too close to deal
...Dying...all but one
...Come in...soon to be me

All my life lies on trust
Oh, the luxurious lust
Is there a motion must
Like to be wind of dust

This is for strength and honor...

Maybe too good to be true
My doom is for you too
Always life comes for you
Death follows you soon

4. The Crystal Stream

Struck is now the Sun, he's bleeding so hard
And tainting the sky, with this brand-new red dawn
Now slowly he just fades, fading into the night
Ravashed by the darkness, the dusk's purest of lights

Blood is now spattered, across the whole dark sky
Dusk shall now wash it, with darkness and with night
I watch him perish now, I see his slow demise
And smile toward the Heavens, for this great gift of thine

Thou art the one true queen
Mistress of the night
Sun's bloody slayer
His one true fright
Above the howling stars
Above the fiery Hell
You reign most supreme
With yours, the crystal stream

You, who now slaughter the day, and send your pale beams
Of madness and of pain, On ours, the feeble minds
Your sweet heavenly figure, as pale as the white bone
Lights through the black darkness, of the long sattered throne

And so you carry on, to conquer and to reign
Until the fallen Sun, shall rise yet once again
So your empires fall, your reign, it turns to dust
Your beauty and pale beams, are now forever lost

5. Kaamos Warrior

Sun descents under the horizon
Here starts the time for darken
Time we're calling as Kaamos
Dark as deepest black

Warrior of the enlighten soul
Will go on for thee
I'm in haven, I am for free
What I've been to take me?

Gathering her children
All that time goes
Passing that chime
Fly high as one alive
Listening all lies
Mind of a freezing night
Goes all my life
Still passing by ... the Nocturne

Dark and black as deepest cold
Thoughts are here, were only hope
Warrior sacred, am I for free
Always for more, always for thee

Battle for one, battle for two
In crimson night I see all of you
'til I die I want to see
My hand will reach over the sea

6. My Blood Stained Path

Devilish cold surrounds me
Everything feels so untrue
Am I real, do I exist
Am I dreaming, do I dream...

Opened my eyes to see what I feel
Truth lies beneath under me
Trail of blood and trace of anger
Makes me continue my journey for free...

Follow the blood 'til the ravens scream
Then you know you've reached what you seek
Taste the blood 'til the wolves howl
Then you know you've reached what you bow...

The blood on the path that says
Follow right thru this way
Realizing that's just blood
Dripping from me, only from me

On my path...I've been there
On your path...I've been here
On this path...Have I been there
On this path...have I been here

There's no sense nor reason
Alone I am, and yes it is real
Path of circle, walk forever
Never will find a way out here...

7. Perint Pohjolan

Suruhuntu yll naisen nuoren, raskain ty edessn
Riistetty ovat tulevat vuodet, poistunut on mies viereltn
Rintamalle lhti miehet, puolesta maan ja vapauden
Jlkeen ji vaimot, lapset, pelten ja kaivaten

Tytti maamme virrat ja jrvet, veri oman kansan
Vaan ei taipunut alla vihan vieraan vallan
Saapui valloittaja hukkuakseen omaan miekkaan
Maatamme ei meilt ota kukaan, ei koskaan

Kylm tuuli pohjolan, kantoi viesti kuoleman
Menneet ovat miehet nuo, saapuneet isiens luo
Taistoon urheasti kvivt, pelottomana kaatumaan
Matkaan ji heist moni, toivat kotiin vapaan maan

Veressmme, muistoissamme, ky luonto taistelijan.
Ismme meille tien nytti, perinnn pohjolan.

8. Iced Over

Thru the thick bright ice
I see the thundering sky
Cold I feel on my skin
Move I can't, ice covering me

Thoughts crawl into my head
Wish I was soon to be dead
This pain what I feel
Is something that I can't deal

Please someone end this misery

All my life, like endless night
All my pain, go away
In my mind, I see I die
Only dream is what I see

Can't see the light of day
Feels like I'm passing away
Time became meanless
Fighting for a life is useless

Please someone end this sorrow

All my life, All my pain
All my time, Only dream
When I die, End of line
Say goodbye, I am gone away

Waiting that sweet death
To end this sick nightmare
Come here to me to get
Now I'm leaving from here

Please someone end my life

9. The Ancient

Dreaming all alone
Wandering thru the time so cold
Confronting something old
That I've been sometimes lied and told

Tombstone underneath me
Ancients' ancient grave I see
Death I can feel
The Undead is what I need

I can see the ancients falling
Can you hear the ancients crying
I can see the ancients dying
Can you hear the ancients calling

They seek you, you're their hope
They need you, you're their life

Can you feel the ancients near you
I can lead the ancients' war

They seek you, you're their hope
They need you, you're their life
They know you, you feel them
They trust you, you've found them now

Standing on a grave
On where lies one brave
Movements of dead will tell
Soon earth bounds like hell

Can you hear the ancients crying
Can you hear the ancients calling
Can you feel the ancients near you
Yes I can, Yes I can

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